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Atari800 is an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, SDL and WinCE. Our main objective is to create a freely distributable portable emulator (i.e. with source code available).




Hello!) I hacked some Unreal Speccy Portable GLES2 rendering C++ code to work with this great emu. And now... it works at full speed in full screen with custom zooming option. Also there is a filtering option. Read more:

Hi carles

Hi carles my user name is awace on atariage message me and ill try to send you the atari800 emulators i have and run you threw how to get them to work i have some merry christmas .atr files too for christmas and new years to run once you get up and running.. a segmentation error usually means you need a soundblaster type driver or have a video memory fault error you need probably a better video driver or card or just are having errors. now if you want to run atari800 then download the file not the compile youre own c++ file thats a pain in the ass there already avalible .exe files i have i can email you or you can download.. now atari800.exe is the 2.5c one i use its great on a normal tube computer monitor it works great 512x384 fullscreen no chopping of sides of overscan mode like real TV then the other atari800 is the other one i just found again and had lost its cool it lets you strech 1920x1080i 60H using hdmi sound and video from the nvidia on my vizio tV 37 inch 1920x1080 60Hz 32Bit color it lets me hit alt enter and strech w out chopping the sides I know I am trying to find missile command w the S option when pusing s before starting a game it selects only smart bombs its the bomb me and brother got past 1million points YES WE have pictures to prove it.. anyway the chocolate board looks tasty on Missile command(r) (c) ATARI Corp 19?? anyway why are you trying to compile atari 800 emulation when its alrteady compiled ill let you know witch one from to download.. here is the one i use w windows then all you need is atari800.exe and zlib.dll then you need the os roms witch are not allowed to be downloaded in the same zip file for (c) reasons.. anyway thats youre problem youre trying to compile something already compiled for you by others if you need something let THEM KNOW AND they can probably help you compile youre own verison but I would not know completely nothing about compiling althogh i do understand somewhat looking at a c++ c file how it works i just cant comprehend compile atiaon for somereason but my dad understands c he programs it all day he makes custom schedule programs for his work to schedule infomercials on remote servers witch is cool cause i say some times what are you doing and he shows me a .c file on a screen and i am like cool for q2 for example it would read like this variable ____(_void_) Player pain(playerpain) some thing like that once i get my arduino going ill probably understand c+ c++ and c # too but fornow its forignen i somewhat understand atari basic and attascii and ascii and how they work but compiling a file to me is still new.. SO If you want to play atari800 then let me know awace on atariage and ill let you know if i can upload you a emulator i already use i can email you . now if you need a emulator for atari800 I have 3 kinds i have atari800.exe version 2.5c the old but good one i love and the new one and a nother one althougher witch is totally differnt but looks the same fullscreen but select option and start buttons are differnt f5 still system reset but the other interfacing is weird the start button starts as f2 f3 f4 opposite from f4 f3 f2 f4 being start on old atari800.exe and on the 3rd other emulation its weird its f2 is start then f3 select and option or somthing like that anyway the 3rd emulator i have is cool it lets you use the mouse as paddle! and it lets you use atari joystick using stelladaptor or 2600daptor (witch i have) atariage store was closed during my bday month so i got a 2600 daptor exeactly the same thing exept nameded differnt.. does the same thing .. I got paddles working w 2600 emulation but not 800 emulation yet I did get the driving controler working but only w 2600.. the joystick using the 2600dator was and is awesome cause its a real atari 2600 joystick 9pin port assaignable as a atari800 joystick selection 2600daptor instead of a 8bit soundblaster midi input joystick its a REAL ATARI JOYSTICK.. the onlything the emulation is missing is the drive mech noise. ps the captcha is lame a robot could do 6+2= math all it has to do is ask the math coprocessor what 6+2 is

whell aparanntly atari800

whell aparanntly atari800 only works with Glass Tube computer monitors and not with screens like my lcd TV 37inch vizio tv cause the tv only does 1024x768 800x600 1920x1080i non i and 60Hz but atari800.exe aparantly comes in more than one flavure i seen two of the same filenames two differnt emulators but they are very differnt and one works on my tv and has zoom mode to strech fullscreen and keep aspect ratio w out loosing the sides of the screen in fullscreen cause my tv dont do 512x384 my other computer tubes do that mode! but the other emulator atari800.exe from is a file that lets you fullscreen anyway you want plus the f4 f3 f2 buttons are same layout as the other atari800.exe witch makes it easyer to use the start option and select buttons.. also I can use my mouse as paddle.. I also at the time am working on trying to get a emulation file to read atari paddles in emulation using a stelladaptor or my 2600daptor same thing a usb dongle w atari port on it if i get it to work ill let you know as there is a cool sound file. 100 sound 1,paddle(0)+600,10,15 200 sound 2,paddle(1)+601,10,15 300 goto 100 this is a atari basic file try it.. when you want it to stop push the control c or use the break key in windows on my laptop its function break as its one of those damn blue keys I always just plug a usb keyboard into the laptop.. now i think the reason youre atari800 crashes is cause you need version 2.5c of the 1st emulator its harder to find than on source forge but it works great cause its older and usually older emulation files work better cause there is so mutch flak about (c) crap they update it not to work w lcd.. the good news is if you can stand not fullscreen you still can play.. but if youre screen supports 512x384 60Hz then youre in luck.. its not my nvidia its my vizio TV that sucks shure i could use the blue vga connector and then force the mode but then the picture sucks and is really 1024x768 anyway! or i could use my tube but that weighs 95 pounds and is 18.5 inches its to big to carry out.. anyway if you cant get youre a800 emulaiton working email me and iWill send you a copy just let me know

Whell that was a rant I will

Whell that was a rant I will try to compile it my self to see if i can do it..
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I'm trying to compile

I'm trying to compile atari800 en rpi. When I try to run ii I get a segmentation fault. Anyone did it work?

HMM are you trying to compile

HMM are you trying to compile the .rpm file thats a linux file it wont compile . the .deb file does run w puppy linux 525.iso thought and is awesome.. good luck.