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On the time being, there's a

On the time being, there's a workaround that could be implemented. It requires some simple coding, and is not as elegant as it should be. It's just a simple patch. After that you'll be able at least to load the driveA in this environment everytime you select a .DSK file. If you need to swap disks during emulation time it won't work, because the CPC emulator has no support on doing it at this time. Go to terminal mode pressing "T". Take care of blank spaces, and beware the handling of the nano editor if it's your first time doing something like this. # cd /opt/selector # cp # sed -i "s/listfiles\.sh\ \"CAPRICE/amstradfiles\.sh\ \"CAPRICE/" # nano (using this editor, add the sentence starting with the word 'sed' between the line that starts with "then" and the one that starts with "$EXECUTABLE") then sed -i "s/drvA\_file\=.*/drvA\_file\=$FILE/" /opt/caprice32-4.2.0-src/cap32.cfg1 $EXECUTABLE "$FILE" else Then CTRL+O, confirm and then exit with CTRL+W. #exit (or CTRL+D) If everything's ok, you'll be able to load disks directly through the file selector interface this time. Once you select your .dsk file correctly with SPACE, push ENTER/INTRO and you'll be able to use the CPC emulator. From there you can browse the contents of the disk with the command CAT and run the files with RUN"FILENAME.

Ok... it will be official

Ok... it will be official patch for v0.3.1 until we have modular emulators and throw away this text selector (I really hate ir) Thanks!

Caprice doesn't have disk

Caprice doesn't have disk selector menu. You need to enter disk image name to the config file (/opt/caprice32-4.2.0-src/cap32.cfg1): drvA_file=rickdang.dsk When you get the emulator running you can see the disk catalog: cat and run the program with: run"RICK